I have to follow problem using the File Transfer Protocol:

I enabled the "Use FTP" option in the "NAS settings" menu in order to acces a share via FTP. SSL/TLS encryption is disabled. Then I created a new share and granted my user access to it. Then I enabled the "Use FTP" setting for the share and set the FTP connection type to "Users with password". When trying to connect to the share via FTP, I always get a "530 Login incorrect" error message. I've checked the FTP logfile and it says

FTP session opened.
PAM(<username>): Authentication failure.
USER <username> (Login failed): Incorrect password.
FTP session closed.
But I'm absolutely sure that I entered the password correctly. I can access the share via FTP if the connection type is set to "Anonymous mode" and accessing the share via SMB is no problem either.

So what could be the problem? Or is there anything special that has to be done in order to use account based FTP?

Best regards