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Thread: Install to disk?

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    Default Install to disk?

    I don't want to boot from USB or other media. Is there a way to install the software on disk? I might have missed this part somewhere in the docs.

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    It is noted in the readme file. Here is a clip from the notes.

    Create a 2GB small LUN on a Hardware RAID (recommended).

    In order to install the software on separate LUN, please use RAID controllers with multiple LUN support. Please create a small 2GB logical unit for DSS V6.
    When Running DSS V6 installer you will need to select the 2GB logical unit as the boot media.
    The rest of the RAID space please create second LUN for the user data.
    The following RAID controllers are supported as a bootable media:
    MegaRAID, Smart Array, 3ware, Adaptec, ICP vortex, Areca.
    For Smart Array please use the RAID management CD as the RAID BIOS does not support LUN management.
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    Yes..It is possible in RW Disk

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