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Thread: Hardware for simple iSCSI-R3

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    Default Hardware for simple iSCSI-R3


    I want to set a simple iSCSI-R3 server at home. What kind of hardware do i need to transfer at about 100mb/s (gbit lan)?

    In some fora I saw devices with an Intel Atom @ 2x 1.6 ghz, but they reached transfers up to 40mb/s max.

    I have an Areca 1220 8x sata raidc ontroller for the machine. What hardware do you advise?

    Best regards.

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    You wont be able to transfer at that speed with 1Gig NICs because of the replication protocol that we are using unless you get a 10Gig NIC then you can reach that speed.
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    I reconfigured my xensource machine: E6600 CPU and 8GB mem. Should be enough.

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