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Thread: Permissions are not traversing in proper manner

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    Default Permissions are not traversing in proper manner


    We are trying to set the permisssion on specific folder using ADS , but the permissions are not properly working on the security applied folder. For example:

    let suppose I want to give permission on a folder ABC as READ and EXECUTE for all domain users , its ok till here no one users can write or delete any file/folder from this folder, but after this if user A has permission to write the data on ABC folder and he create a folder after assigning the permission and user B has only READ and EXECUTE permission , but still user B is able to write data on the created folder and he can delete that folder too....

    Please suggest , how to assign permissions on all folders/files even child folders/files after as we are not able to set special permissions on the required folder..... means to say in any manner user B can't write data any where ......


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    What version you are using? Are you using ACL? And if you are using ACL, have you set your permissions on the ADS or the ACL (recursive)?

    I recommend setting it on the ADS and it will be synched to the ACL.

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    Hi Masim,

    We are using "5.0up62.7101.3518 64bit" version , and we are using authentication method using ADS , but the permission defined on a required user is not working as per applied.


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