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Thread: License question

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    Default License question

    Does the license go by logical volume or physical volume?

    i.e. I have nine 1TB drives setup in RAID10 with one hot spare, which equals 4TB logical volume. Do I need a 4TB license or an 8TB license?

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    It goes by whatever space is visible by the Open-E system.
    If it's a software RAID, then it goes by raw storage. If it's hardware RAID, then it goes by however much is available after you take awayhot spares, parity, etc.

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    So I need a 4TB license?

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    I'm using hardware raid10 and logical volume is 4TB

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    open-e told me in an e-mail that it I need to get the 8TB license, but you said I only need 4TB license. Which is true?

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    hey zeki893

    robotbeat sounds correct
    check out the last entry in this thread

    you can always try starting with a 4TB license and if you get an error that say that you are over the license limit then another 4TB license.

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    Thanks. hm.. I think I overbought the license then.
    I bought the 16TB license and 8TB usable. doh!! I have 7 bays left I'll have to make use of those.

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