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Thread: Support for VMWare vSphere

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    Default Support for VMWare vSphere


    we plan a Update from VMware 3.5 to vSphere. We use as iSCSI Target "Open-e iSCSI-R3" (Version: 5.0.DB49000000.3293).
    Can vSphere use this Open-E Version. Have someone problems whit this comination?


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    I would say don't bother. A big problem with Open-E is that it resets iSCSI connections whenever you want to do things like create volumes. This is a big problem for any production environment as your VM's will go extremely slow, Vmware basically locks up and you often need to restart your HOSTS.

    Only safe way to do it for us is to shut down all VM's, create volumes and then start VM's again.

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    Oh if you already have iscsi R3 then yes VSPHERE works fine.

    I am using Vsphere4 and it's ok. apart from the problems above

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    That is because of the IET with the iSCSI Target solution, with the DSS V6 we have added SCST and this was solved last year. IET does this by nature so you are correct that you have to stop the VM's then create the LV's and Targets.
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