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Thread: Intel SS4200

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    Default Intel SS4200

    Hello everybody,

    I was gonna test the DSS 6 lite with my new Intel SS4200.
    Has anybody ever got this to work?

    The Intel "box" does not have a graphics card installed :-/

    I did put DSS on a USB stick und made it bootable.

    The device does fire up but it is not accessable via web on the default IP address

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Did you use https:

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    I tried the same and have similar problems.
    I configured the setup on another mainboard, with graphic interface. Changed the IP address and adjusted the boot procedure to run the 32bit system. I still found out witch config files have to be change to get an output to the serial interface. But when the Open-E logo appears it's over.
    I see, the system is starting up, I can't get connection over the network. But it seams the software is running. If I press the start button on the front the system shut down after a few seconds.
    Even a ping or ssh is not working.

    Maybe somebody can help me.

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