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Thread: Looking to buy, please contact me

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    Default Looking to buy, please contact me

    im looking to buy 2 licenes, currently trialing them. Theres a problem and id like technical support to solve it with me.

    However, i cant seem to contact open-e through either email or phone. No info is provided on the website and the formular keeps asking me to login.. even though i am logged in.

    My contact information is saved in my user info, "abien tradehaven de"

    Please contact me so we can work this out.


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    Try the presales link on thier web site.
    I got some good help from them before

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    If you have any questions regarding technical Pre-Sales information related to our products please contact: pre-sales[at]open-e[dot]com.
    Open-E - Knowledgebase
    Best Regards Richard
    Open-E Technical Support Engineer

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