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Thread: Slow speed with Open-E and vSphere ESXi 4

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    I have been working on the open-e test version for about 2 weeks now and I am unable to get better write performance than 20 MBs using a vmmachine running iometer using a 64KB Sequential Write. Reading using the same values is ok running around 100MBs.

    There is no other traffic on the switch and the ESX Servers are also empty all tuning options seem to have no affect on the write values. Even configuring the underlying drives for raid0 has very little improvement. The underlying Hardware is a tyan 2882 dual cpu board with both cpu’s 8G ram and 2 3Ware 9550sxu-9lp controllers and 16 drives all enterprise sata drives from WD and Segate.

    Is this really all the performance I can expect from the system or is something just wrong with my setup?

    Thanks for your input.

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    What version of the DSS V6 arr you running?

    Do you have the 3Ware set for "Performance" using the Write Back Cache?

    Do you have the Write Back set for the LUN in the Target?

    We see that you sent in for a support Ticket but you did not provide any logs to help you. Please send in the Log file from the GUI.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    I am running the version dss6.0up45_b4622.oe_i I do have the 3 ware cards set to performance also. However How do I set up write back for the lun? On the card it is set is that what you mean?

    I also sent in the Log files, it took me a bit since I completely wiped the configuration of the drives to start over with raid 10 again.

    Thanks for the Response.

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    For the iSCSI Target / LUN set the WB "Write Back" option.

    Check that your RAID 10 is set for the followin on your controller as this is what I know they recommend.

    Stripe Size: 256KB
    Read Cache: Intelligent (default) good for streaming
    Read Cache: Basic good for random small block I/O
    Write Cache: On (default)
    Disk Cache: Enabled (default)
    Storsave: Perform
    Autoverify: Off
    Rapid Recovery: Disable
    Rebuildmode: Low Latency
    Verifymode: Low Latency

    For LSI on a RAID 10 (also for RAID 0 & 1)

    Stripe Size: 256KB
    Read Policy: Always Read Ahead
    Write Policy: Write Thru (For streaming sequential performance)
    Write Back (For transactional/random tests)
    IO Policy: Direct IO
    Disk Cache Policy: Enabled
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    everything is set I believe to what you posted.
    I also saw that the drives were only running at 1.5g instead of 3g now they are running all at 3g however no change in the write speeds.
    Would setting up a software raid0 across the 2 3ware controllers Raid 10's be a performance boost or hindrance?

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    RAID 0 will be fast and 10 as well for testing, I would check the log file mainly the test.log and look at the NICs to see if they showing any issues and the hdparm to see the speed of the array in the test.log file.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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