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Thread: Copy Problems with Mac OS 10.6 and 10.5

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    Unhappy Copy Problems with Mac OS 10.6 and 10.5

    Hello again!

    Since there was no answer for quite awhile, I'd like to ask again:

    We experience severe Problems with copying data from Mac OSX (10.6 is worst, 10.5 a little better) to our Server running DSS V6 Lite. I usually connect via smb as guest.

    Filles are not be copied when a folder containing them is moved to server, contents of folders do not show up in finder menu (or only after a long period of loading), sometimes are not deletable...

    Can this have to do with the DSS-Option "Hide special folders" in NAS-Config? I would try if this is it, but the your manual says that this option should not be altered when there are files on the server. Or is it save? (Or does not have anything to do with it?)

    Would really appreciate a quick reply, I'm stuck here!!



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    Default Solved!


    since nobody answered, but i still beleive in forums to get answers for als those billions of little questions, i want to share this:

    after making backup i simply switched of the "Hide Special Folders" option in NAS-Config and now all my problems accesing the DSS V6 Lite through smb from a mac are gone! and nothing bad happend, as i feared..

    i think its neccesary to switch this option of if you acces from a mac via smb, because mac osx is not really happy without its little .DS_Store&Co stuff....


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