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Thread: How do i delete SW Raid, Total Reset of Box not working

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    Default How do i delete SW Raid, Total Reset of Box not working


    i tested the Lite Edition, i had a RAID1 Setup working. For Testing i shutdown the box.
    I removed one RAID1 Disk. After Restart, DSS send a message about RAID1 degraded!

    After 2 Weeks i added the removed Disk (My Misstake, i know).
    But DSS doesnīt rebuild the RAID1 (Warning to all Users)!

    So i cleaned all data on the remaining volumes and reseted the box with default settings.
    After resetting IP address i canīt recreate a RAID1,

    I would like to recreate a RAID1 with "1" Disk in degraded mode (as described in the online help).

    But the box shows the single Disk with state "Unit S003 S/W RAID PART" in red.

    How do i reset all the RAID Settings and can recreate a RAID1!

    Any help is welcome!
    Server: Acer H340

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    IF there is no data that you want to keep
    then use the console setting delete contants of unit

    but keep in mind this will erase all data and clean disk so you can reuse them for whatever you want

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    after going to some menus unter CAX i found the option to remove the raid.
    The online help wasnīt helpfull, because it only tells you to remove the sw raid from console tools.

    but it doesnīt tell where.

    All is fine now, thanks
    Server: Acer H340

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