We've had Open-E NAS-XSR Enterprise server for about 4 years, running ver 3.04.XE00000000.1876. It's never been updated (we don't do business with the company we bought it from anymore). At one time there were snapshots setup on the unit, but every time one would run it would go offline and not come back. I removed all the snapshots, but one is still stuck in the list (not the synchronize snapshot, but one defined as snap002). I can't seem to remove it. Yesterday, the snapshot decided to fire all on it's own. Now I can't keep the unit online for any length of time (I have to power it down and then back up to get it online again).

Has anybody had this problem before and if so, what is the solution?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Izzo
Montgomery Truss & Panel, Inc.