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Thread: "Function: Hide special folders": Safe to switch off with data on disk?

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    Default "Function: Hide special folders": Safe to switch off with data on disk?

    Hello dear forum!

    If i turn off the Option "Hide special folders" in SMB-Settings, what is the worst that can happen to my data on the volume? I suspect the option to cause my copy/move-problems from OSX (see recent posts) and would like to try to switch it off.

    But the Manual says: "It is not recommended to change these settings on servers that already have some data stored."

    Any experiences?

    Thanks, Flo

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    Well I'd make sure to backup the data before doing it. Since the buyer beware clause is already there.. ya know..

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    hello and hello mister senior member!

    since nobody really answered, but i still beleive in forums to get answers for als those billions of little questions, i want to share this:

    after making backup i simply switched of the "Hide Special Folders" option in NAS-Config and now all my problems accesing the DSS V6 Lite through smb from a mac are gone! and nothing bad happend, as i feared..

    i think its neccesary to switch this option of if you access DSS from a mac via smb, because mac osx is not really happy without its little .DS_Store&Co stuff....


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