Hi chaps!

I am running Open E on the 60 day trial at the moment with a view to purchasing the SE licence for home/SOHO SAN use. My current configuration is two RAID0 arrays composed of two 500Gb SATA disks each.

Booting from USB, all is well and I have the arrays up, running and attached as iSCSI targets, NAS shares, etc.

However, I started to experiment with disaster recovery scenarios (One of the key reasons I'm running a RAID SAN to begin with) and have run into an obstacle.

When I remove one of the disks from the machine and boot it up, what I *expect* to happen is for OpenE to boot up and for the affected array to indicate that it is running in Degraded mode.

What actually happens, is that a short way into the boot procedure (Maybe 5-6 seconds after the initial "LOADING"message appears) I am greeted with the following error:

ash: 0: "unknown operand"
It is worth noting that if I power down and reconnect the disk, the system boots normally.

At present time there is no critical data on the system as I have only been conducting performance and system tests as part of a purchasing evaluation.

Now, I'm not particularly well informed when it comes to all matters RAID (Hence why I'm using OpenE instead of building a SAN from scratch with a linux distro or such) so perhaps my expectations are misguided and the system is behaving as it should. I'm not convinced this is the case, though, so would very much appreciate some guidance on this matter!

Kindest regards and many thanks in advance,