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Thread: Backup to Mini-NAS

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    Default Backup to Mini-NAS

    Hi All!

    We are using the Open-E DSS V6. For security reasons we want to backup our critical shares to sveral external mini NAS devices with 2x2TB hdds and put those mini NAS devices in a safe-deposit box after the backups have been finished.

    Because we need 5 of those mini NASes (to change them every week) we want cheap devices which normaly do not provide an iSCSI target. The small NASes (f. ex. from Buffalo Technologies, QNAP etc.) normally provide SMB shares and a FTP server.

    Ive seen that it is possible to backup to an USB drive or to an eSATA drive. But how can we backup to an external NAS via FTP, SMB?

    If it is not possibly: Does anybody know any external USB RAID1 drives oder eSATA RAID1 drives?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I forgot to mention: We have no license of a backup software like Symentec and we do not want to buy a license and another server just to copy some shares to external drives.

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    Nobody out there how can help me?

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    I have setup backup to a removable disk for a client (5 one for each workday)

    Just follow the steps for a tape backup and have the removeable disk setup as dynamic disk

    setup 5 backup jobs
    as long as the proper disk in in the unit the backup will run

    this will be cheaper that the buffalo drives

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    Thanks for your answer.

    Im not 100% sure what you mean. Do you mean that we shall not use an external device at all and should instead use one internal hdd in our open-e system for the backup and take this hdd out of the system after finishing the backup?

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    I am not sure of your setup but
    if you have an empty drive bay in your system
    you could use it to perform your backups to a single drive
    (or one drive for each day of the week)

    I have tried this to backup to an external USB (single) drive as well, but have never tried it with a external drive with RAID device like the buffalo mini nas.

    My other question is are you trying to back NAS shares or iSCSI Target ?
    for NAS this will work

    if you are trying to backup iSCSI Target you will need to do something else.
    check the forum, there are a lot of posts about it

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    I search on ebay , and find that i can buy an internal HDD and convert it to become as an external one, also i found this :

    its an enclosure that act as a raid and it can take up to 2Tb at the same time .
    so you can buy like this solution , and buy as many internal HDD ( that you use a different HDD for each day ).

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    Thanks for the link to ebay. As far as I know the open-E DSS software does not support hot-plugging of external eSATA HDDs. It justs supports hot-plugging of usb drives. Ive heard that you have to reboot the system after changing an external eSATA hdd. Can anybody test this and confirm the problem?

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    Hi there,

    Something you may also want to consider....

    I have a number of virtual machines and other systems that backup to a single SMB share on my open-e DSS v6 LITE system.

    At a remote location (bridged to my own network via a wireless link) I have a cheap standalone NAS box that periodically (using cron) rsync's that single backup share to its own local disk. This works exceptionally well!

    Setting up Open-E to do this was also very easy since its "Data replication" feature is really an rsyncd

    The how-to I followed can be found here:

    I can provide more information on how this was setup if it is interest to anyone...

    I guess in your setup, all the drives would be configured exactly the same to rsync data from open-e at the same time each day, from the same share. And so it'd just be a matter of ensuring at least one drive was connected and power-up for the backup to run.

    You should realise that open-e wouldn't be managing the backup process, it just makes the share available replication, which would be initiated by the NAS box's.


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