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Thread: Upgrading a trial to a license?

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    Default Upgrading a trial to a license?

    I have about 30 days left on my 60 day trial, and I just purchased a 16gb license.

    We are using 17.5tb of storage, so I am planning on buying an additional +2tb license.

    It looks like I have to install the 16tb license, before I can get a real serial number, and purchase the +2tb license.

    So, during that period, I will only have a 16tb license, even though I have 17.5tb of data.

    This server is being used for production. Is it necessary to take down the server to apply the licenses?


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    Unfortunately, applying a license does require a reboot..

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    As you already have 17.5Tb of storage , and they are in use , then you have to put the 2 license ( the 16Tb and the other 2 Tb ) ,because if you put the 16 only ,then the DSS will not work , so you have to put the 2Tb,
    in this time ( the time you need to put the 2 license) it’s the stop time or let say the time that DSS will not respond to you .tell you put the second key .

    i recommend if you can tell other people to stop sending data for few minutes tell you can put the serials.

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