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Thread: Unable to change MaxOutstandingR2T

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    Red face Unable to change MaxOutstandingR2T

    Is anyone else finding it impossible to change the MaxOutstandingR2T setting since updating to 6.0up30.8101.4362 64bit? Mine now defaults to 1 and will not accept (save) any changes. Is it just me?

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    Hi xkeithr , well i try to this with my trial 60 days version DSSV6 up30 b4362(32bit)
    and try to change the MaxOutstandingR2T
    from console mode ( CTRL+ALT+W> Tunining option>iSCSI deamon option> Target option ( select my target)>MaxOutstandingR2T .

    i try to change it but it keep came back to 1 .

    i try to use DSSV6 older build (up14) , and it go great i change it and it work .
    and then i try to use the build up30 b4362 ( keeping the changes that i have done with the older build , and when i run with new build up30 , the old changes keep

    to say it more easy :
    use the old build up14 , change MaxOutstandingR2T value =2 ( and for my other volume to value=3 )
    then restart with new build up30 , go to MaxOutstandingR2T , and the values still 2 and 3
    but when i try to change them again ( in up30) to let say value 4 , it changed to 1.

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    I’m not sure if this happened with the full registered version ( because as i said i test it on the demo 60days trial)
    but i recommend that its maybe better to ask Open-E support .
    I’m sure that they know better

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