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Thread: Licensing question, is it possible to expand latter?

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    Question Licensing question, is it possible to expand latter?


    I have 10Tb storage device, but I'm not planning to use all space right away. Can I buy 4Tb license and expand latter? I assume I'll be limited to 4Tb in the beginning, but when I buy expansion key, will I be able to use additional space w/o reinstalling/rebuilding volume group?

    How should I proceed? Should I buy, activate and create 4Tb group, or I can start using trial, create 10TB volume group, create few 1Tb LUNs, apply license, at that point I guess I'll be limited to 4 Tb, but what will happen to 10Tb volume group?


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    here is a a word of advice. if you already know you are going to get 10TB, then why start off with 4TB? it's going to be very disruptive to your enterprise, particularly if your DSS server takes an essential role, to add the key, then the additional capacity, etc.

    if you don't want my advice , then somone else will have to speak up here. I'm not sure how DSS handles seeing the additional storage.

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    Dss look for how much your RAID use , for ex: if you had 20TB HDD but you create a RAID 1 - then you will get 10TB to store on ( the other 10TB is Mirror!)
    so in this case you need 10TB license .
    but the same HDD if you for example use them in RAID 5 , then you will have about 14TB to store, then you need 14TB license.

    and i'm with enealDC, its better to get what you are thought you will use in early future.

    also as i know , you can update your license just by adding another license to what you have. for ex if you have 4TB ,and you want to store 12TB in future , then you can buy a 8TB license (you have 4 + the new 8 = the 12 ) and add this key to your system. thats all.

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