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Thread: Best way to get data from USB HD to NAS?

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    Default Best way to get data from USB HD to NAS?

    Could anyone tell me a better way of doing the following:

    We get external USB drives from various companies and we have to take the contents of the drives and put them on our NAS for production work.

    Currently the method i do this is by plugging the USB drive into PC on our network and use a command line robocopy to copy the contents of the USB to the NAS via the SMB share...

    Surely this could be done at the storage level with some method like Data Replication or something on the NAS ? i know you can connect USB devices to the NAS and mount as Dynamic volumes etc but that normally wipes the drive..

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    I'm not aware of anything in DSS that would make your life easier in this regard

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    There is a utility in the console
    c-a-x or c-a-t

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    symm i believe the c-a-t command only has data import in the addons which only allows you to mount the drive and copy from the drive to the NAS.

    Ideally i want to copy from the NAS share to the drive at storage level (Drive Plugged into NAS). Currently i'm looking into DeltaCopy as an alternative solution to Robocopying across the network.

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