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Thread: Xen and HA

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    Default Xen and HA

    Anyone is using open-e with Xen to have a High Availability solution?

    How did you configured it?

    I would like to have 2 or 3 computing nodes with xen and 2 servers with open-e.
    If one open-e server is down, the computing nodes are conected to the other open-e server.
    If one computing nodes fails, it's VM's start on the other computing nodes.

    This will probably need some NFS and nos ISCSI right?
    For the Xen we already have a solution but the problem is with shared storage...

    What about performance?

    Best Regards

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    Open-E currently only supports HA configurations with iSCSI. If you connect more than one XEN server to an iscsi volume at the same time, make sure that your XEN implementation is cluster-aware, or you will corrupt your data!

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    And how can this be done?

    Just have OCFS or GFS on top of ISCSI?

    I really need some lights.


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    Hello Guys

    I'm also interessed in this configuration....someone with some lights ?



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    Using shared iscsi storage in XEN under Linux:

    Citrix XenServer and VMWare ESX are cluster-aware.

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