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Thread: Access do open-e pc Extremely slow

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    Default Access do open-e pc Extremely slow

    In other computers i am using open-e i don't have any problems.
    In this particular one all the clicks i do in the web interface take almost 2 minutes do conclude and regurarly appear the following error: "Error occurred while connecting to the server" and the options Retry or Reload Page that most time not working.

    I notice that in the console the access is also slow taking almost 10 seconds to access diferent options.

    What could be the problem? Thanks

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    The dmesg log is too long. To who can i send it?

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    try using firefox
    clear the browser cache

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    HAve you checked the network connectivity between the client and the DSS? ping go through reasnably fast and without packet loss? Could there be any MTU problems between the machines (WAN/VPN links) causing larger packets to get dropped?

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