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Thread: How-to configure 4 Gigabit Link to DSS V6 SAN

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    Default How-to configure 4 Gigabit Link to DSS V6 SAN

    Hello there!

    I'm trying to boost performance of our SAN running DSS V6. It has a Quad-Port Gigabit-NIC in it, so I plugged 2 two-Port Intel-Gigabit-NICs into the one and only server (under windows server 2008) connected to this SAN. There is no switch in between, the 4 LAN-Cables go straight from the server NICs to the SAN-NIC.

    But now my problem shows up: How do I have to configure the Intel NIC Team to get best performance? I tried various settings (SLA, NLB, but none worked properly).

    I'm thankful for any hint!



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    Sounds like your expecting to get 4 gb throughput with bonding, but that will never happen. I would suggest using MPIO at the server and putting the NICs at the server into their own subnets. Search on MPIO in this forum for more details.

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