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Thread: Rebooting the DSS server by CLI

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    Default Rebooting the DSS server by CLI


    I got the situation that the webserver of Open-E was not reachable anymore, but the CLI was. Therefore, I wanted to reboot the DSS from the CLI, but I could not find any option in the menu to reboot the system. The only choice was to shutdown the system, but that was really unwanted for this was a remote action. Eventually, it was necessary for me to go to our co-location to shutdown the system by CLI menu and start up the system manually again.
    Question: Is there a possibilty to remote reboot the DSS from the the CLI? If not, can this be made in the next release?

    Regards, Leo

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    Correct, there is only a shutdown command or to restart use ctrl + alt + del (only works if at console - not with Putty). Another way to avoid this issue is to use another NIC to access the GUI. Not sure when this function will be in future releases, I will try to keep you posted on this matter. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Now its available in Console ... press CTRL+ALT+K > choose between System Restart or Shutdown.

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