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Thread: NFS server does not supprot MOUNT version 3??

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    Default NFS server does not supprot MOUNT version 3??


    i am trying to mount my ESX hosts to DSS v6 NFS share and keep getting error connecting to storage.. in v5 i used i[ address and /share/<sharename>

    what has changed..??

    ESX4.0 update 1 connecting to DSS 6.0up40.8101.4550 64bit

    error : Error during configuration of the host NFS error: Unable to mount file system: NFS does not support MOUNT version 3 over TCP...

    i have NFS traffic using NFS adapters..

    thanks in advance..


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    UPDATE.. i can mount this ESX host to my v5 DSS server still using the /share/<sharename>..

    what has changed in v6..



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    ISSUE resolved..

    Perhaps fat fingers.. Perhaps the reboot.. but after my coffee i looked at it again and entered the connection and it worked..


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    and so all know what i used ..

    in v5 you use /share/<sharename>
    in v6 i used /<sharename>


    Some days I start off slow and taper off....

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