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Thread: Number files limit ?

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    Default Number files limit ?

    I have a NAS-R3 running on certified hw and I'm having problems with a volume that contains 8.08TBytes data on more the 17M files and 317k folders.
    I share this volume only for Windows clients (smb).

    The problem is that very often the volume disappear from the network and there are no ways to reactivate the share.
    The only solution is to reboot the NAS.

    No warnign or error messages are showed in the logs.
    The RAID is in optimal state.

    I'm wondering if we reached a max file number limit per volume or per folder (I have folders with more the 100k files).

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Try to run the Repair Filesystem from the Extended tools, go to the Console screen then enter CTRL + ALT + X then run the program after it completes it will restart the system if there are no errors then check if you have the latest version and update, the latest version is build_3553.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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