hi there,

We're going to jump ship from SCA-2 interface drives to SAS since our controller is getting a "little long in the tooth" and would like to take advantage of the PERC 5 or PERC6 support available in our Dell 2950 server.

Are both of these controllers supported by open-e (i see the 5 series is in the HCL, but not the 6)?

Can both these cards be managed through the console "Ctrl-Alt-R" H/W raid menu?

Can both these cards be managed by a web interface (like the 3ware cards)?

I would really appreciate any recommendations / exerpiences before we go out and buy 4 x 300GB 15Krpm SAS disks (primary array RAID10) and 2 x 1TB 7200rpm SATA disks (backup array RAID1).

Best regards