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Thread: replacement of HardDisk

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    Angry replacement of HardDisk

    Hi experts,

    Can you please suggest me here.
    one of the Disk was failed and the system was continuously giving a beep sound.
    I have checked that the Hard disk was corrupted. i have replaced the disk however the beep sound does not go.

    what are the steps i need to do so that i can replace the harddrive.

    And on the console screen by some reason I am on the Adaptec Storage Manager command line.
    how can i come out of there.

    hope i dont loose any data.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Question Controller?

    HI there,

    What controller are you using? Is it a hardware RAID controller? How are the disks configured if it is a RAID array?


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    if you use an adaptec controller i would check the bios of the adaptec at the bootsequence that youre volume(s) are optimal.

    If one of youre harddisks fails you can check that in the BIOS.
    But as techfreaks noticed.. tell us something about youre hardware.

    Are you suing H/W raid controller like adaptec. If, which one... which FW etc.

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