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Thread: Cannot delete folders with files inside

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    Default Cannot delete folders with files inside


    I am having problem with the NAS feature of OPEN-E Lite.

    I have setup a few shares and i have syncronized my users with my AD domain.

    On one share i have set permissions som that "domain users" have access to that specific share and everything seemed to work fine.

    However. When trying to dele a folder with files inside, the folder becomes inaccessible and all users are denied access.

    If i then reset SMB connections im able to get to the folder again. Now the folder is empty and i can delete it.

    Im also able to delete a folder if i delete all the files inside it first, but if i try to delete the folder with files inside nothing happpens and i get denied acces to that folder until i reset connections again

    Any ideas?


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    So i semi figured it out.

    Apparently this issue only occurs when delting folders using Total commander. If you just use dele from windows there is no issue.

    I dont know if its a bug in total commander or Open-e but now we know the workaround.

    There are however no issues when using Total commander to delete on a regular linux box.

    There is some more info here.


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    - What is your build of DSSv6 lite you use? is it the latest.
    - Did you try the same with the demo ( full version) or just the lite?
    -Is this happened when you use the administrator( full permission user) to add/delete files, or the problem just only happened with a specific user account?
    - Did you try this on many folders or just one folder? try to put folder with one file inside it ( different kind of files) and see if that work with you or not. and try to do that from different volumes too.

    - Did you enabled the WORM on your volume?
    With worm enabled on a volume, users cannot delete a file or folder, the entire volume has to be deleted. As there are no special rights for any users.
    WORM= (Write Once, Read Many) .

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