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Thread: RAID5 rebuild after disk error on DSS cluster

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    ok, the same bad experience ...

    Do you have more details about your defective HDDs? RE3 or RE4? WD1002FBYS-01A6B0 or -02A6B0? What F/W - C05 or C06? Production date (2008/2009)?

    Areca support said it's a WD problem, WD said it's a Areca problem ... always the same sh..!

    Do you have experience with Seagate Constellation ES (SATA)? We try to change ...

    Dr. Lukas Pfeiffer
    A-1140 Wien

    DSS v6 b4550 iSCSI autofailover with Windows 2008 R2 failover cluster (having still some issues with autofailover).

    2 DSS: 3HE Supermicro X7DBE BIOS 2.1a, Areca ARC-1261ML FW 1.48, 8x WD RE3 1TB, 1x Intel PRO1000MT Dualport, 1x Intel PRO1000PT Dualport.

    2 Windows Nodes: Intel SR1500 + Intel SR1560, Dual XEON E54xx, 32 GB RAM, 6 NICs. Windows Server 2008 R2.

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    Most (probably all) of our failures were on RE2.
    The replacement we received from our vendors were RE3.
    I think we did`t have to replace a RE3 so far.
    (Fingers crossed)

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