Hello there!

After joining our DSS LITE V6 into our internal Active Directory domain, we noticed two computer objects appearing in the computers OU. On of them has a crippled computername containing some strange characters and cannot be moved by using the Active Directory Users & Computers MMC.

Can anyone explain why two objects are created? What I can say is, that we definately do not have any domain, dns or networking problems...

Here are some further details:
Model: Data Storage Software V6 Lite
Version: 6.0up45.8401.4622 64bit

Hostname: test-dss
Object name #1: test-dss
Object name #2: test-dssCNF:70884e93-cbae-4861-b1c5-607e4ba4a337
Object name #2 contains some further characters, but i was not able to copy them inside this post...

Thanks in advance and best regards from Germany,