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Thread: iSCSI failover with more than one lv

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    Default iSCSI failover with more than one lv

    I followed the presentation that you have on the web site and successfully implemented iSCSI failover with VMware. Let's say i build my system and running properly till the day come and i need more disk space. How can i extend my SAN without breaking my setup?

    I try to simulate the situation with a new lv + replication job + new iscsi target over a running conf but even i can see and add the mirroring task to my iSCSI failover configuration it doesn't start at all? Is it possible to use more than one LUN , LV, mirroring task etc. and do the failover ? Am i missing anything?


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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but there is still an outstanding bug where you cannot add new volumes without breaking the setup.
    An easy workaround for Open-E would be to allow the virtual IP address to remain on the primary host EVEN when iSCSI failover is turned off. This is really the problem. When you turn off failover, you loose the virtual ip address.

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    Good idea!

    The ability to add volumes without having to bring down your clients would be great, even if you are vulnerable for a short amount of time.

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    It's not bug it's design decision... It's on roadmap so maybe it will be available in near future. You can also ask support to add new lv via Remote Support.

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