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Thread: VMware Tools install possible?

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    Default VMware Tools install possible?


    I'm working on testing DSS for my small office, which currently has a couple of ESXi servers. Is there a way to access the console while in DSS to launch a terminal session for installation of VM's tools?


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    I have same trouble.
    But i think there is a way to solve it.
    As we have access to filesystem, we can make chroot, then we can try to install vmware tools and all depencies.

    I think open-e dont include vmtools in the distributive because of vmware change vmtools version with products releases and open-e dont want to rebuild distributive every time when vmware products updates - so its right decision.


    I think if Open-E include some way to install vmtools - than dss will be more useful.
    So at this time i'm continiue to evaluate and searching for another products.

    For example FreeNAS 8 have vmtools installed. But it missing some functionality that i need.

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