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Thread: DSS shows up with multiple IPs in Server 2003 DNS

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    Default DSS shows up with multiple IPs in Server 2003 DNS

    Periodically, our DSS server registers all its IPs in our Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller's DNS. This causes a problem, because only one of those IPs is on our LAN.

    Is it possible to get DSS not to register IPs with our DC/DNS, at least not for ports that aren't on our LAN?

    This is preventing users from being able to access our DSS server.

    Under Windows, each NIC port has a "register this connection's address in DNS". Is there an equivelent setting, with DSS?


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    we have a similar problem.
    during discover one iscsi targets we see all nic's build in, regardless of connection and without routing enabled.
    we have reinsatlled dss many times, no luck...
    ticket at support was not satisfied answered.

    on our second machine (dss6 , updated from an dss5) we dont have this behavior.


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    We have a similar problem which we have since we updated to up50.
    On a testmachine I downgraded to up45 and it works fine again.

    I also sent a ticket to open-e on last friday and they closed it today after 3 days with the weekend in between without any help.

    After several very very disappointing replies from the support we start to look after a different storage solution now.


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    ... and opened the ticket again after I replied to their "ticket-closing-email".

    Now we wait and see what is going to happen.

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