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Thread: No access if user <> "administrator"

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    Default No access if user <> "administrator"


    What I did:

    1. authentication changed to Windows (PDC). After this all users and group accounts are available on NAS (-> connection to domain is working)

    2. Created a share "Users" and added domain groups "domänen-admins", "domänen-benutzer" to the access list.

    Now I can connect with "Administrator" account from a windows workstation.
    But when using an other account, I get no access!
    BTW: The other account is member of group "domänen-benutzer".

    Please help me to use the NAS in windows domain network!


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    Try to reset the password on the ADS (for administrator and one of the users you are testing with) and logon from the NAS XSR SMB server again.
    Can you add a new user in the ADS (with access rights to the shares) and does this show up on the NAS server. If it does go to that system where the user resides and try to logon.
    Check the Account Policies and Kerberos Policy because changing to PDC to ADS now uses Kerberos. Check to see if there is any possible deviation of the FQDN that happened recently with this change. Also was there any changes in Windows to the NAS storage with "\\computer_name" on the share change in the ACL rights in the Windows Server?
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    No problem for administrator, only for other users.

    I have two rapidNAS Systems with open-e here. Both are connected to the LAN. Now I configured one with Windows (PDC) and the other with Windows (ADS). After this I created a new user "temp" in AD. This new user was listed on both NAS after a short time.

    But it's the same for this new user: When use this "temp" user account to log on a client and try to open \\ an error appears which tell me the ressource is not available. So I logged off and used "administrator" to login on the same client.
    When using \\ with the "administrator" account, all shares are listed fine and I have access!

    Once again: user "temp" is also member of group "domänen-benutzer". Is this not enough to give access to member users?


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    I think I found the reason for this!

    By default new active directory users can only access specific hosts. The NAS devices were not in this list. Only administrator can access all devices. I changed the configuration for the users and now they can use the NAS devices also.

    So it's an active directory configuration issue and not a problem with the NAS. Sorry.


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    Thanks for checking that out and letting us know. Yes ADS does change the user rights.
    Thanks again!
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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