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Thread: Symantec BackupExec RALUS crashes

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    Angry Symantec BackupExec RALUS crashes

    Hi there,

    we use Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2 (on Windows Server 2003 R2) and the BackupExec Remote Agent for Linux and Unix (RALUS) implemented in open-e DSS V6 (latest update) to backup our NAS shares (full backup is approx. 4-4,5TB).

    Since starting with RALUS, the agent spontaneously crashes and has to be restarted by de- and reactivating the backup agent settings under "Configuration>NAS Settings".
    The behavior is unpredictable. One week the agent works fine, the other week none of our backups starts or finishes successful.
    We have a case open with open-e support since July 2010. They tried some fixing, analyzed some logs, did some remote sessions, but found nothing so far.

    The problem and the workarounds become more and more annoying. Is there anybody out there experiencing the same problem? If so which workarounds do you use?

    E.g. backing up NAS shares without agent is not an option I will go back to. With this technique we had serious performance issues which is why we moved to using RALUS, which, if it is working though, works very fast...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards

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    Lightbulb Progress - Symantec BackupExec RALUS crashes

    Hello Cee

    We did investigate the problem with Dev team and they will prepare a special small change to run debugging on RALUS to see where the problem is/ occur.

    I will stay in contact with you.


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    Did you find a solution for this issue? We are experiencing the same.

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    Default [UPDATE] New Ralus Agent


    We did prepare new small update with latest version of RALUS agent for DSS. If you are interested in it please send us a request via user portal.

    New SU was checked with Backup Exec 2010 R3 and it was working fine.

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    Symantec has a new R2 version of its Backup Exec 2010 backup software that is easier to install, quicker to make backups, and a raft of new features that include better support for virtualization, archiving, and deduplication.

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    Default Clarification


    Based on your post, I'm wondering now which version is the latest one R2 or R3 ?
    I thought R3.


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