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Thread: API help incomplete?

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    Default API help incomplete?


    Is there any undocumented API command or command parameters? I was trying to add/remove replication to a volume and saw that remove is missing even it's written on the help.

    ssh -i ./file.key -2 -p 22223 -l api 192.168.x.y volume_replication

    Command requires parameter!

    Usage: volume_replication add <lvname>

    Adds and removes replication to volume.
    I can successfully add the replication but no parameters to remove.

    Anybody can ask me what i'm gonna do with this and that's another issue which i hope to explain later (i.e. starting a replication task after adding one via API if possible)


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    Removing replication is currently not available. It's bug in help message. Creating new tasks is also not possible. Starting tasks is possible with small update from Support Team.

    Api still lacks many functionalities, you can ask support and maybe they can do something about that.

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