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Thread: Virtual Iron and build 4786

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    Question Virtual Iron and build 4786

    Good morning!

    We're still using Virtual Iron v4.5.16.11 and DSS is providing iSCSI VHD's for it. Build 4786 updates the IETD to version

    Before I update, has anyone had problems with the IETD update breaking Virtual Iron stacks?



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    Hey Greg! I'm going to be testing in a few days if you can wait to upgrade (waiting on some new hardware to arrive)
    Yup - i'm still using VI too. I hear that the beta for Oracle VM 3 has been going on for about a month now - though. That seams promising!

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    Default Vi

    I am using VI and did not have a problem with the upgrade.
    I am looking at migrating to vmware essentials bundle as it seems that oracle support for VI is not including new machines.
    Do you have specifics on oracle vm 3? Will it leapfrog vmware or just be a bump from VI?

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    Well Virtual Iron and OracleVM have never really been about performance lol. For me, it was the price.
    I don't have much on the feature set - but I know we are talking about an updated Xen stack and some integration of the VI features. <shrug>

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    Default VI vs vmware

    Well a few years back when we went with VI, it was about the value. Since then vmware has come out with the Essentials kit aimed at SMB. I am currently playing around with a new physical server with vmware ESXi 4.1 that has a few low volume production VMs on it. I could not get that new server (hp dl360 g7) to work correctly with VI and Oracle would not support me
    So it looks like I am heavily leaning toward vmware. I would honestly like to hear from some people on performance/value of different virtualization platforms.

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