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Thread: NAS, iSCSI, XRS or DSS...

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    Default NAS, iSCSI, XRS or DSS...

    Because our knowledge of the Open-E mudules are very limited and we like to know what module is the best option for one of our customers.

    Customer is looking van there server park a NAS data solution for making there backups.

    They think about 2U case with 8 till 12 disk a 500GB each and using a Areca RAID controller and wants to use one of the Open-E modules

    They want a simple a possible solution to backup there servers to this Open-E based NAS.

    If more specific information is requered please let me know.

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    I would recommend the NAS R-3 Enterprise. You will be able to perform local backup functions that offer backup tasks providing Backup levels of Full, Incremental and Differential for the data residing on the shares providing backup tasks for scheduled times of minutes / hours or weekly with time settings . Data replication can also be beneficial for the data this will replicate there shares locally or over the Internet with another NAS R-3 enterprise server as they grow. Snapshots offers the same task levels as the backup functions for intervals of minutes too hour increments or weekly time frames for greater flexibility.
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