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Thread: Error mounting share

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    Default Error mounting share

    After a problem with connecting with VMware ESXi4.0 we started the DSS version 6.0up14.8101.4221 64 bit again. After that we get in trouble. The share only shows a capacity of3.4MB. In fact it has a capacity of 2.4 TB.

    NFS service ist startet. So after a second restart we get the same problem. "No share available". We create a new share with only app. 280 GB this share is available.

    With the both other shares I get the event:
    "The path to this share does not exist. It is impossible to access this share. You can create the folder the share was pointing to e.g. by using the browser below. If the original folder is a snapshot, it is now inactive. If the original folder is a volume which serves as destination for volume replication, it cannot be accessed directly (only via a snapshot, please consult the online help for more details)."

    Whats happend?

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    Default Error mountig share

    Hello oscha

    Please login to our user portal and create ticket for that issue. Then we will investigate on Remote Support what's wrong.

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