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Thread: D945GCLF Network dissappear

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    Question D945GCLF Network dissappear

    Dear all,

    yesterday, I stated to try out open-e lite on my D945GCLF. After I had installed everything and configured network, I was able to log onto the server via web interface.
    I followed the instructions and entered the generated license for the lite version.
    After the restart, my network card didn't work any more. In the hardware overview under network it mentioned 'unsupported header 7d!'
    There is only the on board card (I think Realtek RTL8102EL) present.

    Does that mean, that my network card is supported under the 60 days trial, but not with the lite version?
    Or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance

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    ...a desktop MB......
    The onboard NIC is not supported by DSS. Try adding a PCI/e card instead.

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    Adding a PCI card is not an option, because the board does have only one slot and there the SATA raid controller is placed ;-(
    But why does the trial version work?

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    Any chance to use another system as this is not a true server NIC.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    No, I wouldn't buy a new MB for this purpose. Than, I sadly have to switch to an other nas software. But I'm still wondering, why it is working with trial version and stop working as soon as the lite license has been added. Makes no scene for me if both version supports the same NICs?!?

    It's a pity, I like the web interface and the functionality.
    Never the less, thanks for you support

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    I am sure we will update the free version in the next release as the paid versions come first, we do have paid support plans for the free version that you are using that we can look into get this update to you faster, so if we can get the logs then our engineers can get this update to you.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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