I am currently trying this software for a Hyper-V Cluster system I am currently building. Its an 8 core opteron on a supermicro board with 20 15k RPM sas drives. My problem is that I've tried to install it with a CD and USB drive. I hit enter on "run software installer" and it just simply goes to a black screen after you see the USB/CD drive operate a little. I turned off silent mode to see whats happening. It extracts 2 files and at the end of the second file it says "ready!" and then black screen and nothing.. I waited for 10 minutes to see if it would show anything but it hasn't. If I simply run 64 bit system or 32 bit system it starts flawlessly and works great. I really want to get this installed so if anyone could help me it would be great. I am currently looking at the 8 TB installation.