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Thread: max storage cap?

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    If it was working before in the past maybe something else could be happening, can they create another share and enable Guest with no password? Also you mentioned several years is this the old DSS Lite version? What version are you running - some more details would be helpful to others to help you.

    If it was working then not now are you able to ping? Did you look at the logs? Can others access it? Are there more then one NIC for the iSCSI and NAS? These are the things that can help you identify what might be the cause and is better then a general "It is not accessible".

    We had the DSS V6 Lite available for long time and this is first that I have heard that the link to show what is available with the DSS Lite compared to the full version does not show the difference - meaning is will show what blocks that are blank means it is not available in the FREE product.

    Please look again.
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    Any devices that can be used as a volume or unit is counted even a Dynamic Unit.

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