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Thread: What Linux to choose for vSphere 4.1 vm?

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    Default What Linux to choose for vSphere 4.1 vm?

    What Linux should I choose for vSphere 4.1 vm properties, when running virtual Open-e?

    Ole Thomsen

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    Try any of the Redhat 64bit mode.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    worked for me with debian 32bit template


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    vSphere 4.1 support customization for the following Linux guest operating systems:

    RedHat Enterprise Linux (AS/ES) 2.1

    RedHat Desktop 3

    RedHat Enterprise Linux (AS/ES) 3.0

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8

    Ubuntu 8.04

    Ubuntu 8.10

    Debian 4.0

    Debian 5.0

    So any one of these Linux should be fine to use.

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