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Thread: Support for Dual Controller

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    Default Support for Dual Controller


    I have a question, but I didn't find this topic in this forum, sry if it already exists:

    Is their a plan for supporting dual-controllers in Open-E DSS V6 ?

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    Yes, dual controller support is right around the corner.

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    It should be available very soon, as our developers working/testing it in the final stages.

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    Default what are the advantages

    I'm curious about this dual controller thing.

    At the moment I can have two RAID cards in one box, each will for example talk to 4 HDDs in RAID5. So it's kind of RAID1 between two RAID cards - manual 2010.11 Open-E DSS Asynchronous Data Replication within a System @

    Now to have two cards talking to 8 drives in one time you'll need a backplane with two expanders to start with.

    Before we get to how Open-E will utilize them , I have a question - How to RAID that thing ?

    So I go to the WebBIOS of the 1st RAID card (LSI for instace) create RAID5 on those 8 HDDs (just an example) , then what ? I go to the WebBIOS of the 2nd card and import the RAID (foreign configuration import). I cant get my head arround how two RAID cards are going to "talk" to the same set of HDDs. Unless one is in some "standby" mode wating for the other card to fail.

    So you'll be protected in case of a RAID card failure, but no performance kick ! Still you'll have only one motherboard that can fail :-P

    One more firmware to be kept up-to-date :-)

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