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Thread: Is Open-E reliable enough for VMware

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    Lightbulb Is Open-E reliable enough for VMware


    Is Open-E reliable and robust enough to run a mission critical VMware environment where availability is of essence? any concerns/issues that I need to be aware?

    I've used a trial version and I noticed that several tasks require the system to be rebooted for them to take effect and iscsi connections need to be reset frequently, so I'm concerned about the availability of Open-E in a VMware environment

    your feedback is highly appreciated

    Thanks in advace

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    Default 2 node cluster

    Obviouslly to achieve HA you will require a 2 node cluster config.
    But otherwise it should meet your expectations fine.

    Good reliable hardware from well known vendors is just as important.

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    We have been using Open-e DSS V6 in our clustered ESX environment for almost a year now. From my perspective DSS is as reliable as any other solution. You would have to implement a 2 node cluster to compare with any dual controller type system. Of note is our implementation focused on iSCSI LUNs and no use of CIFS/NFS. Hope that helps.

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