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Thread: Open E DSSV6 VmWare considerations

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    Default Open E DSSV6 VmWare considerations

    Hello all. As ever i am looking for ways to squeeze every ounce of I/O i can get from OpenE as i work constantly with VM platforms (I'm a VCP) and my job is basicaly virtualising large companies, my current contract is virtualising the systems at the BBC in the UK and we're looking to again use OpenE as the main SAN / LUN for the project, so my inquiry is, what are the most commonly and perhaps less commonly used methods to increase an OpenE SAN in all ways possible as performance will be key.


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    Some steps that can help you:

    -Enabling the Write cache.

    - Use the best RAID method for your work as RAID 0 give a better performance than RAID1, you can find More info. about the difference between RAID technology in the following link :

    - Do some Tuning if needed, you can find some performance information at :

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