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Thread: Synchronous iSCSI Volume Replication within the system

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    Default Synchronous iSCSI Volume Replication within the system

    I have already tried synchronous iSCSI Volume Replication with failover over LAN according to How-to-resource procedure from Open-E.
    This solution implies 2x storage HWs and 2x Open-E DSS V6.

    I was wondering is it possible to do this within one system, lets say, with 2x RAID controllers?
    I didn't find this scenario in How-to-Resources.
    Open-E has a procedure for asynchronous replication/backup of NAS volume within the system.

    If it is possible to setup iSCSI volumes replications within the system, does anyone knows the procedure for doing this?


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    Currently this not yet available and we are not sure if this will be done this year.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    Is it possible to "imitiate" synchronous iSCSI Volume Replication over LAN by cheating the system by setting destination IP equal to source IP (and other parameters)?

    Just an idea.....

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    No this will not work, you will get a message that it is not a mirrored server.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    Why would you not just use raid 10? Your other option might maybe sort of be to create a VM to replicate to. Use local HD's (DAS) in your virtual host and replicated to the physical Open-e Box. I don't know if it is recommended to replicate this way because the "hardware" will look different on the VM.

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    After re-reading your original request, You could use two separate controllers if you virtualize the entire setup. You still will need two Open-e Licenses.

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    you could go for replication within a single system - "2010.11 Open-E DSS Asynchronous Data Replication within a System" -

    remember - you've got only one mother-board :-)

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