My performance from each of my san boxes is about 75-80% of the nic read or write. But when I enable fail over it drops to about 15% utilization of a 10gbit nic. Is there a way to boost performance of fail over and is there a way to see how fast everything is working between each of the servers and such? The boxes are 20 disk sas 15k rpm with acera cards.

I also read that hyper-v fail over clustering isn't supported yet. Is there a timetable for this being implemented? I'm using two open-e DSS's for fail over and two HA VM servers. Didn't realize it would cut out if I enabled fail over but right now protection is more important in a way but it would be nice to know when it would be implemented.

Last thing is I can't seem to manage the areca cards from the website program. Is there a fix for 1880 areca raid cards?

Thanks for any help. I'm really liking open-e and hoping i can boost my fail over performance to at least 50% of a 10gb nic.