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Thread: DSS Lite - Total storage size exceeded licensed capacity

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    Quote Originally Posted by SophInfra
    --Since we can't do RAID on the OS drive our plan is to keep a spare drive with just the open-e software installed in a safe and restore the configuration to it in the event of an OS drive failure. However, I the drive in the safe will eventually be out of date as far as DSS versions go so that's why I was asking. So it sounds like we can restore an older config to a newer version, correct?
    -None of the DSS versions allow you to use the boot media in the storage array.
    -should the boot media fail, it is far faster and easier to use a boot cd, or bootable USB thumb drive to get you back up and running, while you figure out your problems.
    -Yes, older configs can be restored to newer versions of DSS, in the same box. This is normal, and is done for example, when users upgrade from version5 to version6.

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    You can use the Backup function to a Dynamic unit from a USB drive.
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