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Thread: # Sign not allowed in user passwords

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    Default # Sign not allowed in user passwords


    In our company password policy, we use the has (#) sign for passwords.
    This sign is no problem to be used in WebGUI passwords for the admin, but it's not possible for me to use it as a user password for file sharing with SMB or AFP. When trying to define a password for a user with a # I receive the (german) error message:
    "Fehler: Ungültiges Passwort! Das Passwort darf (1) die folgenden Zeichen nicht enthalten: ' " ` (2) Leerzeichen." There is no # defined as unallowed.

    Is there any possibility to change this behaviour?


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    This issue is based on the SAMBA feature we have and it cannot be altered to use # in the password along with the other special characters.
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